Monday, 30 November 2015

Dog city

As the blue mechanical brush swept through his satin white fur, and the steak scented bubbles covered him in a scent that made him ravenous, Fefurr watched the relaxation compartments go around. It reminded  him of a bike chain circling in a continuous cycle. He realised how tired he was, and decided that a beauty rest would do him some good, as he did not want to have bags under his eyes in front of the King. The glossy white finish to the walls drifted away as Fefurr closed his eyes and fell asleep…

He was woken by the sound of the bell at the reception desk. In a panic he looked at his watch, and gasped when he saw the time. “The King shall take off my head!" he thought. “I hope he is in a good mood.” He rushed out of the entrance, the right paw of the giant plastic dog at the front of the puppy parlour, and dashed off to the dogger bus.

The sausage-dog-shaped vehicle hovered over the bustling city streets, preparing to descend at the next stop, a couple of metres down the road. A black nose sat at the front of the bus, purple ears and tail behind. Circle windows were scattered across the sides of the vehicle, disguised as the dog's spots. 

As a result of Fefurr's lack of time management, he found himself frantically pushing through jostling crowds along with many other dogs. It was all tails and ears, as they tried to claim a good seat in the dogger bus.

Fefurr fortunately managed to get a seat before the bus was completely full to the brim, but he hadn't been able to call dibs on a front seat. The bus left the forlorn concrete, and picked up speed as it headed towards the palace. Many dogs had come off the bus, which left only Fefurr and two others to disembark at the last stop.

After a few minutes time, Fefurr found himself rushing down the gravel path that lead him up the hill and to the palace. Berry bushes that were sophisticatedly trimmed in all shapes and sizes, lined the pathway leading up to the grand yellow and purple doors. Two purple and yellow identical flags perched proudly on the top of the two side towers. A crown-shaped balcony sat neatly on the top of a giant marble bone. He continued up the pathway and reached the doors. He rang the bone shaped door bell an orchestra of barks echoed through the air. Eventually the sound of the barking died down and the grand doors opened. 

 Fefurr's stomach was in knots as walked into the marvellous entrance full of detailed sculptures of past kings. A grand staircase lead up to some more doors that opened into the throne room. Suddenly, Madame Le Poof, the royal fur dresser, hurried over to him. 
“Where have you been? Hurry along now, if you're quick the King won't mind too much.” 
“I doubt it,” Fefurr contradicted. 

He moved up the stairs that were lined with smooth white marble. He hesitated a moment before reluctantly pushing open the doors. Fefurr slowly padded in, trying not to be noticed, but the door disobeyed his need and slammed loudly, letting a loud sound echo through the air. His eyes glanced around the room and up to the king. The King was a large, beautifully groomed German Shepherd. He looked like any other dog, the only difference being a sparking golden crown that perched neatly in place on the top of his head. His throne towered over everything in the room. 

“Sorry for my lateness, your majesty,” mumbled Fefurr, nervously waiting to be taken to the dungeons to be beheaded. 
“I hope that it had good meaning,” The King grunted, his dark blue eyes staring right at Fefurr like spot lights. 
“Yes, your majesty,” Fefurr answered looking at the ground.
“Just go and sit down,” The king demanded impatiently. 

Fefurr went and sat in his chair next to the King. It was a tiny wooden chair that had 'Fefurr McWoof, Kings Assistance' engraved in golden metal letters on the top. It looked like a pile of trash next to the King's marble jewel encrusted throne.

He sat there listening to the King blabbering on about how he needed a new pillow for his throne, because his old (two day old) one wasn't puffy enough. He then turned to Fefurr.

“Fefurr go to the royal cushion maker and order a new pillow. Tell her she has exactly 24 hours from now, I can't let my tail be any more painful than it is now." The King commanded.
"Yes, your majesty," Fefurr replied as he began to scuttle towards the door.
"Wait, wait, come back, you need the design. Make sure she knows to use every little piece of detail," the King boomed after him.
"Yes, your majesty."

Fefurr paced out the throne room doors, down the stairs and towards the tailor's room. "24 hours, all detail, 24 hours, all detail, 24 hours, all detail..." Fefurr did not want any mistakes because it would all be blamed on him. 

The tailor worked her hardest, and by the end of the day, the Kings pillow was complete and Fefurr was called to pick it up. He knocked on the King's door, and once again it creaked open, to reveal the King sitting in his grand throne.

 “I have your pillow, your majesty,” Fefurr started, hoping that the King would approve. 

“Um… it's ok, but a bit late,” the King stuttered. Fefurr took this as a compliment.

The king inspected the pillow, trying to find something wrong with it. "Is that done right?.. oh, yes. What about..."  But the King could not find anything wrong with the pillow and Fefurr was dismissed.

At the end of Fefurr’s busy day, he made his way back to the puppy parlour. Fefurr certainly did not want a repeat of what had happened earlier in the day when he lost track of time, so he decided he would spoil himself, and go to the puppy parlour again. As he was going around in the compartment, he finished off his beauty rest, this time ready for the next day of work. Maybe it would be a better idea to get his fur done in the evening, not the morning!

By Lucy Alyssa and Issy


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Hobbiton Description

A chimney pokes out the hill in front of me I touch it. I feel the cement crumble through my fingers. Ivy creeps up the cracked bricks making its way into the top and then over other side. Fake smoke from a smoke maker puffs out through the top chimney. Sending a strong smell of smoke up my nose. A bit further down the hill the vast wide lake reflects a picture of me of it's surface like a mirror. On the other side of the lake stand a bunch of small buildings, with thatch roofs and big round brightly painted doors. The biggest of them is an inn bustling with people. A sturdy stone bridge stretches over the water. In the distance the light green hills roll across the horizon. A single tree stands lonely on the hilltop. Fluffy white marshmallow clouds float in slow motion across the sky. I walk up the hill to join my brother standing by a hobbit hole. I feel happy, almost elated, on that beautiful day in Hobbiton. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Dinosaurs, they were around millions of years ago. Scientists have had the hard job of uncovering the truth about these giant lizards. What they eat, what they look like, and the biggest mystery of all is how they disappeared. 

There are many theories about how they went and got themselves extinct. One of the biggest theories was that a giant meteor from space hit the earth. But could you imagine what it would be like if they still walked the earth today? Picture this you're sitting in your classroom at school it's maths time. Your brain is tumbling over a super hard maths question. Trying to make sense of all numbers to the teacher it makes sense, but to you it just looks like scribbles. When all a sudden a thump like an earthquake shakes the ground. The trees waver in fear, as deafening roar echoes through the air. Your teacher looks out the window and then says casually “Great, not the dinosaurs again. Everyone stay calm and I’ll ring dinosaur control.” 
Could you imagine what you would do if a dinosaur walked onto your school field? I think you would be very scared. There is a lot still to discover about dinosaurs. Scientists are finding new types of dinosaurs everyday. So what would you do if a dinosaur paid a visit to your school?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Orienteering Competition At Pines Beach

Everything is dead quiet as Alyssa and I progress down the endless muddy track. which twisted through the trees like a snake. The trees scratch my face with their branches. Bell birds flutter from tree to tree. It reminds me of the time I did cross country and how puffed I was. 

We continue further down the track. A bit further away to the left of me an array of multicolored flowers are blooming in a nearby clearing. Bees hover around the flowers reminding me of the beauty of nature. Then a bit further to the right a deadly, deep slope awaits with the darkness and unknown at the base. I feel curious as to what is at bottom. The silence is soon broken as I hear the sound of other competitors nearing us. 

We rush down the path quickly, nearing the beach. The faint sound of seagulls echos through the air. A glimpse of the sea murmurs in the distance. I then know why they  chose to put the orienteering in such a remote place: so we feel like we are by ourselves even though we aren't. 

We reach the beach. I feel alone even though Alyssa was with me. But the peace and sounds of nature made we feel motivated and determined. Like I could do everything. As I stand there on that beach in that moment in time, as I look across the ocean, I feel small but yet determined, to get across the finish line.  

Zones Running

Tick tock, tick tock - time slowly ticked by. I gazed at people running past, they looked puffed which made me even more nervous. I waited for my race at the the zones cross country, staring at people racing by. I had a tingling sensation in my tummy. I felt like I  going to explode. 

Finally it was my race I approached the starting line legs shaking. Ready set go! I zipped off.  People were having collisions with each other and tumbling to the ground before quickly getting back up. I could hear the encouraging sounds of people cheering me on.  

I was puffed already but I still had one more lap to go. I looked behind me - a pursuer was right on my tail. I could see a glimpse so the finish line just ahead. I released all my energy into the final dash. Just about there. Almost there. I did it! I didn't win but I don't care - I did it. Then I realised how hot I was. I was sizzling, scorching, melting. But I did it and that was all that mattered right at that second.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Have you ever made a silly choice?

A bad decision that ended up causing a lot of trouble? Like maybe you tried to do a double backflip on your scooter, and ended up breaking your arm. Or maybe you decided that your hair would look better short and the scissors were close by. Or maybe you just ran with scissors and you fell over on the stairs and stabbed yourself in the arm. I hate it when decisions end up like this but sometimes we have to learn these things the hard way.

Back when I was seven years old, my family and I were on holiday on a sunny beach in Australia. We had just arrived at our resort and we were walking down to the pool. The sun was beating down on us my feet were melting in my shoes. I could see the pool water sparkling in the sun, the apartments warped around half the pool area. Fake palm trees were positioned around the pool creating little pockets of shade with lounger chairs underneath.

My mum told my brother and I to put on more sunscreen like mums do. but I was more focused on the pool. It was huge and had a waterslide, spa pool and a fake waterfall with crystal clear water cascading down. My brother went in first and went very slowly to deliberately hold me up. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. But I had not thought about the consequences.

Slowly slowly, I went to the edge of the pool.

Slowly slowly, I lined up my feet.

Slowly slowly I got ready

Slowly slowly, SPLASH!!!!

I jumped in but I hadn't thought about how deep the it was. I kicked around expecting to find the bottom but there was nothing there but more and more water. I started to getting worried. I started to splash around looking for the pool wall. I was right in the middle of a vast area of water.

What do I do? What do I do? This question raced around in my head again and again. I knew how to swim but in that moment I had forgotten. I started to sink below the water. It it started to get darker and darker as I sunk deeper and deeper. This was it, I was going to die I was going drown. I gasped for air still splashing around. Then I felt something grab me from behind was it my brother? Then I remembered that he would never do something like that. I was dragged to the surface and pulled onto the concrete. I started to breathe heavily trying to catch my breath. I felt shocked but yet relieved at what had just happened. I looked up to see a total stranger standing above me; he was dripping wet. I started to feel embarrassed as I realised that he was the one that pulled me out of the pool he. Was the one that saved me.

I started to regret what I had just done. I should've thought about how deep that pool was. So next time you're feeling impatient, make sure you think about the consequences before you take action.

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